Program 4: Camiño dos Faros (May 24-Jun 31, 2025)

Camiño dos Faros (The Lighthouse Way) is a 200-km hiking route in Galicia (Spain) that links Malpica with Finisterre along the coastline. A route that runs by all the Lighthouses and the most important landmarks in A Costa da Morte (Death Coast). Lighthouses, beaches, dunes, rivers, cliffs, forests, estuaries with a large number of birds, granite formations, castros, dolmens, fishing villages, viewpoints to the sea that breaks in all possible ways, sunsets … and lots of magic. A special hiking route that will take the hiker to a world of unique sensations.

Dificultad ALTA
Difficulty HIGH
Dificultad ALTA
Total: 122 kilometers (20 km/day)
Dificultad ALTA
8 hours/day
Dificultad ALTA
Total slope: +- 5000 m (800 m/day)

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An incredible adventure ...
in an overwhelming scenario ...
Ferrería Vella - Froxán 0751
wild and virgin nature ...
Seoane - Ferrería Vella 0150
and the magic of the trasnos ...
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Planning 2025 ( May, 24 –May, 31)

This is the initial planning that realizes our mission to show you the most authentic of Camiño dos Faros and this adventure in Costa da Morte.

* Día 1 – Check-In Santiago & Transfer to Laxe & Llegada al Alojamiento. Presentación & Briefing


Welcome to the Galicia Walking Festival.

From 2:00 p.m. we are at the Hotel in Santiago de Compostela, where we receive all participants.
From there, at 4:00 p.m., we take the bus to Laxe where the hotel staff are waiting for us to check-in.
At 8:00 p.m. we make the presentation of the festival and briefing to solve the last doubts.
Later, we had dinner together before starting this adventure.

* Day 2 – The magical adventure of being trasno (21.3 km)



We begin the stage in the port of Malpica and, a few kilometers away, we already realize all the magic that this route contains. A very fun path with some degree of difficulty that will leave you with images at every step on a coast of great diversity. Inlets with beautiful beach are interspersed with cliffs colonized by cormorants and seagulls until reaching the Punta Nariga Lighthouse, located in an environment of rocks of great beauty. Niñóns Beach is the end of a stage that will introduce us to this world of trasnos.

* Day 3 – Camiño dos Faros: a landscape at every step (20.1 km)



This stage takes us through an infinite variety of landscapes. We begin by descending the cliffs of Cabo Roncudo, where the sea does not stop snoring, and then we enter the interior of the estuary. The Monte da Facha and the entire Estuary of the Anllóns River with the dunes of A Barra complete a path that will leave you with your mouth open. In the second part we will visit the beautiful coast of Cabana, full of furnas and wonderful places to get lost. Thus we will arrive at Laxe, where we will get our feet wet crossing their beach to finish the stage.

* Day 4 – The wild nature that fell in love with Manfred (17.7 km)



This stage will take us along the coast of Laxe, visiting its spectacular and wide open beaches to the Atlantic Ocean. The Crystal Beach, the views of Soesto from the Peñón do Castro and the Traba Lagoon complete a very fun stage beginning. But the end is fantastic: a struggle of millions of years between the sea and the stone that has its maximum expression in the Cuello da Señora, where we will walk among the great rocks, remembering Man, the German who was left here forever by a walk like this, fully integrated into the landscape.

* Day 5 – Death Coast: a sea of ​​stories (23.4 km)



At this stage we will pass through the heart of Camiño dos Faros and the Costa da Morte, a stretch of coastline where a greater number of shipwrecks are concentrated worldwide. We will walk along this route of nature, landscapes and life, but without forgetting all the history of death that enclose this ocean and that has its most significant point in the Cemetery of the English after passing the amazing Praia de Trece. As a witness of everything, the imposing Vilan Lighthouse rises over the rocks to give light to all this road that takes us to Camariñas.

* Day 6 – Muxia: cliffs of legends and sunsets (17.8 km)



Muxía is a place with a lot of symbology for Costa da Morte. We will walk through its streets ascending to Monte Corpiño to, from there, visit its lighthouse and Punta da Barca, where the sea hits hard. We will travel along the coast on a trail of considerable difficulty that will give us rewards at every step with spectacular viewpoints over this sea. From Moreira Beach, the road smooths until you reach the Touriñán Lighthouse, the westernmost point of peninsular Spain and the end of this stage.

* Day 7 – Trasnos walking to the end of the earth (20 km)



In this path of unique natural diversity this last stage could not be missed. From Lires to Fisterra a succession of imposing cliffs and pristine beaches are emerging one after another on a hard coast, where stories continue to appear at each point such as the Cason, a shipwreck that caused a massive exodus of the entire region. Unique landscapes that will bring us closer to the Faro de Fisterra, the culmination of this adventure and the end of Lighthouse Way, a trail that will take you a long time to forget.

* Day 8 – Check-out & Transfer to Santiago & End of Services


With breakfast and transfer to Santiago we end this week of hiking in Camiño dos Faros. We hope you have lived an authentic adventure in Galicia and we hope to see you next year in any of our Galicia Walking Festival programs.

Make your reservation for the GWF Camiño dos Faros Program

At the time of booking you can make the full payment or an advance of 150 euros per person (non-refundable). The remainder will be effective before April 1, 2025.

What is included?

  • Accommodation in rooms with private bathroom
  • Half Board (breakfast and dinner)
  • Transfer Santiago – Laxe – Santiago
  • Transfer start / end of stage (according to program)
  • Specialized local guides in English and Spanish languages
  • Accident insurance
  • Gastronomic tastings
  • Cultural visits

What is not included?

  • Flights or transportation to coming Galicia
  • Personal picnic during the stages
  • Drinks in the bars where we stop

Lodging Camiño dos Faros (The Lighthouse Way)

The festival will be held in Laxe in two three-star hotels perfectly located to enjoy the whole week of hiking.

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