Galicia Walking Festival

Galicia Walking Festival is the hiker’s celebration that will be held from May 4th to Jun 1st, 2024 in Galicia (Spain). Guided by a team of local people, we have created 4 hiking programs for a full week in 4 different destinations, to which we add complementary activities so you can enjoy this wonderful land like never before.

Walking trails, gastronomy, handicraft, cultural visits, local festivals, regional music … Each program focused on a region to savor Galicia in a comfortable way, without haste and as authentic as possible.

It is always a good time to walk through Galicia but…
… this May will be MAGICAL …

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The best hiking routes
Comfortable parallel activities
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and a lot of MAGIC...
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Walking Festival
APR 30-MAY 28, 2022
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What is included?

  • Accommodation in rooms with private bathroom
  • Half Board (breakfast and dinner)
  • Santiago In-Out Transfer
  • Transfer start / end of stage (according to program)
  • Specialized local guides in English and Spanish languages
  • Accident insurance
  • Gastronomic tastings
  • Cultural visits

What is not included?

  • Flights or transportation to coming Galicia
  • Personal picnic during the stages
  • Drinks in the bars where we stop

Choose one of the 4 PROGRAMS (May 2024)

Galicia is a paradise for hiking. In this Galicia Walking Festival we want to present the best routes that the region has. Each of the groups will focus on a specific area, so that you can slowly enjoy all its authenticity.

There are programs for all levels, look at the difficulty and the other characteristics of each of them and choose your destination.


O Courel

04-11 May

Difficulty MIDDLE-HIGH

Total: 87,7 kilometers (14 km/day)

Approx duration: 7 horas/day

Total slope: +- 5000 m (+- 800 m/day)


Ribeira Sacra

11-18 May

Difficulty MIDDLE-HIGH

Total: 99,7 kilometers (16.6 km/day)

Approx duration: 7 horas/day

Total slope: +- 5500 m (+- 900 m/day)


Rías Baixas

18-25 May

Difficulty MEDIA

Total: 82 kilometers (14 km/day)

Approx duration: 7 horas/day

Total slope: +- 3000 m (+- 500 m/day)


Camiño dos Faros

25 May-01 June

Difficulty MIDDLE-HIGH

Total: 120 kilometers (20 km/day)

Approx duration: 7 horas/day

Total slope: +- 5000 m (+- 800 m/day)

Galicia Walking Festival: walking on magical trails